Expertise in market value :



Why a real estate expert? To set the value of a property, the value of goodwill, or evaluate your assets:

-At a sale or purchase
-From a divorce or estate
-From a loan or a declaration of wealth tax
-An expropriation
-In fixing or reviewing rent
-From the input-or restructuring your company
-From a recovery of the tax administration, Tax Litigation
-To establish or verify a law CARREZ area (strata lot)
-Liquidation of community
-From a share, gift, foreclosure
-From a certain state of affairs for bank loan
-To judiciare procedure.

Remuneration of expert:

Our price:

-For the Land:
to diffuse a lot                - 300 euros HT
for a plot that can (be divided into at least three batches)
                                       - 300 euros 100 euros ht ht batch aditional

-For the apartments:
the STUDIO Q2            - 260 euros HT
from T2                          - 260 euros 50 euros per aditional piece.

-For the villas:

House type T4 area less than 120 m2           - 800 euros HT
from the T5 area less than 200 m2                - 900 euros 60 euros per piece aditional
5 T above 200 m2 of living space                  - 1000 euros 60 euros per piece aditional

beyond the 20 km round trip of the agency, provide travel costs 2 euros per km, more toll if necessary, restore etc..
After validation of the order, the expertise will be made within eight days, the report after settlement of the final invoice (10 days).

The expert must be impartiality and probity foolproof.